Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester Model PQ-520

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Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester Model PQ-520

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The PQ-520 Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester provides fast and continuous measurement of moisture, one kernel at a time. It is possible to accurately
determine the moisture distribution of a large sample by using this method of measurement, thus determining the appropriate time for threshing, controlling the average moisture of a received sample, and preventing uneven moisture content during drying. The sample is poured into the large sample port, and then the "start/stop" key is pressed. After completion of the measurement, the average moisture value is automatically displayed. Moisture distribution may also be displayed with a one-click operation.


Specifications PQ-520

Measurement method

Electrical resistance

Measurement range

Brown rice (11 - 20%), Milled rice (11 - 20%),
Paddy rice (11-35%), Barley (10 - 40%),
Wheat (10 - 40%), Naked barley (10 - 35%)

Measurement time

Less than 40 seconds / 100 kernels (during measurement
of brown rice, average moisture value display time)

Measurement precision

± 0.5% (moisture less than or equal to 20%)

Statistical calculations

Average, standard deviation (printout mode)

Display content

Selected grain type, average moisture value, kernel
count, time, moisture distribution (histogram))

Temperature correction

Automatic instrument temperature correction using a thermostat

Kernel count

10-1000 (Selectable)

Operating range5-40°C, Less than 85%RH (non-condensing)
External outputRS-232C interface (for printer), USB (for PC)
Power sourceAC100-240V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption 76W (maximum)
Dimensions and weight 320(W) x 254(D) x 382(H)mm 9.0kg
Accessories Scoop, Tweezers, Electrical Power Cord
Options Printer VZ-330 (incl. VZC-14 cable) for RS-232C output only, Data logger software PDL-01 (incl. USB cable) for USB output only


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