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Our Service

Our Services

Global Instruments understands the need for precision and validity in your businesses. Our team of professional engineers arewell versed in our range of analytical instruments through its entire lifecycle, from installation, calibration to preventive maintenance and repair.

Our team of consultants who’s are experts in agriculture will also be able to provide solutions to maximise growth and efficiency in your business.

We provide the following services:


Installation and Training

Equipment uptime is critical to your productivity. When laboratory equipment fails or is not performing according to your requirements, our engineers are proficient in diagnosing the problems and subsequently rectifying them quickly with original spare parts from the manufacturer. Our engineers also ensure the proper and safe installation of instruments to comply to your requirements. Regulated and comprehensive training will be provided for the users to fully understand the instruments and operate it to obtain the most accurate results.

preventivePreventive Maintenance Support

It is possible to prevent unplanned downtime for your instruments. We provide the technical support to inspect and maintain your instruments according to the frequency of your preventative maintenance schedule. These regular checks are essential to ensure that the instruments can continuously perform reliably, as well as to avoid high costs when parts of the instruments degenerates due to non-maintenance. Proactive maintenance is crucial to the instrument’s accuracy and longevity.

noun_Certificate_1797235Calibration with Traceability Certificate

We provide calibration services that provide certificates that are traceable to international standards and are audit-proof. We utilize a series of procedures to perform the calibrations, to ensure that your instrument is properly tuned and calibrated. We have certified checking/calibration tools to determine the accuracy of your instruments. Certificates of calibration will include the calibration flow chart whereby the traceability of it is clearly mapped out.

consultationConsultation in Agricultural Practices

We provide consultancy services in the agricultural industry, where we have extensive knowledge in around Southeast Asia and Indo-China. We are able to advise on certain strategies in evaluation of agricultural validity in a targeted area, selection and prioritizing of crops, different farming models, distribution systems for cash crops as well as funding sources amongst other services.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you as we tap into our vast network to source for your needs. You can save on the time to work on something more impactful for your business, and let us go through the nitty gritty to get you the instrument/service that fulfils your specifications. We provide tactical and strategic sourcing services to help you stretch your dollar and keep your business cost lean, in order to maximise the returns.

Our Service


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