Grain and Coffee Moisture Tester Model PM-450 series

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Grain and Coffee Moisture Tester Model PM-450 series

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This instrument can measure the moisture content of many kinds of grain, seeds, and other products. Using a fixed sample volume allows the weight, temperature, and capacitance (dielectric) of the sample to be measured. After processing this information with the use of the embedded microprocessor, the “Moisture Value” is displayed. Refer to the “Product List” for measurable grain types. Because the calibration curves of products on the “Product List” have been already stored, the measurement of a sample on the list can be instantly performed by simply pressing the product number.

[Note] The entered product types may be different even among the same PM-450
models. The display may be different between examples in the Operating Manual and
the real ones on the actual tester, but the usage is the same


Specifications PM-450

Measurement method

Dielectric Constant


Grain, Seeds, Small objects

Measurement range

1- 40%(Sample dependent)

Sample volume

240 mL

Operating temp. range


Measurement precision

Moisture:Standard error of 0.5% or less versus drying method. (all samples with moisture content of less than 20%)

Correction function 

Mass : By integrated weighing scale, Temperature : By
thermistor, Shift correction (Offset correction) –9.9 ~ +9.9%

Other functions 

Average, auto Power off

Display  Digital (LCD)
Power source 4pcs. 1.5V Batteries ("R6" or "AA" size Alkaline)
Power consumption  240 mW
Dimensions  125 (W) x 205 (D) x 215 (H) mm
Weight Net 1.3kg / Shipment 4.0kg
Accessories  Funnel, Manual-hopper, Brush, Product List, Batteries
(1.5V “R6” Or “AA” Size Alkaline x4)



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