Grain Moisture Tester Model PB-3100 Series

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Grain Moisture Tester Model PB-3100 Series

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The PB-3100 series was produced based on grain moisture tester PB-1D3 which had large number of delivery results in Japan in total. As for the PB-3100 series, the moisture measurement of each world local rice and wheat is possible as well as Japanese domestic rice and wheat. The PB-3100 series, the measurement of the short, medium and long grain class is possible.



Measurement method

Electrical resistance


Model PB-3103
Paddy,Rice,Parboiled Rice,Parboiled Paddy,Tapioka
Pellet,Tapioka Flour.
Model PB-3104(for pasta processing)
Wheat,Flour(Cake & Noodle),Flour(Bread & Pasta),
Noodle,Pasta,Corn Flour.

Measurement range

6-35% (sample dependent)

Measurement precision

Manufactured: ±0.1%, Standard error of 0.5% or less
versus drying method. (all samples with moisture content
of less than 20%)

Display format

Digital (LED, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)

Display contentMoisture (%), Number of times measured
Temperature correction Temperature correction Automatic temperature correction acCording to thermostat


Printer Terminal (based on Centronix)

Power source 

AC100V /220V(50/60Hz) or 1.5 ("D" size batteries) x 4.
When using battery power, continuous running time is 15

Dimensions & weight 250(W)x240(D)x125(H)mm, 3.5kg / Shipment 5.0kg


Metal Plate, Sample Dish, Checker, Measuring Spoon,
Crushing Handle, Brush, Spiral Brush, Batteries (1.5 V
Alkaline “D” Size, 4 Pcs), Power Cord

OptionsPrinter VZ-330 (incl. cable VZC-14)


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