About Us

About Us


Global Instruments, headquartered in Singapore, is a leading provider of scientific instruments and services in the fields of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Materials Research within the South-East Asia region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

We provide only reliable and high quality instruments from globally renowned brands, such as Kett Electric Laboratory, Atago and DKK-TOA to name a few. At Global Instruments, we strive to attend to provide the tools and skillsets to our customers in order for them to perform their task in the most efficient manner possible.

We are the exclusive distributor of Kett instruments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore. We have the expertise in calibration, maintenance and repair of all Kett instruments.

Provision of continual and responsive technical service and support to all our customers is at the very core of our business values.


Global Instruments Pte Ltd was founded in December 1993


We are a leading distributor of laboratory, field and analytical instruments with our major principals from Japan


Our distribution network is throughout South East Asia and Indo-China



Instead of planned obsolescence, our chosen principals focuses on continual improvement of the design process, so that each new product release can be expected to be more durable and efficient than the last 


We value business integrity and relationships here at Global Instruments


We take pride in our after sales service to ensure that our customers not only purchase a product from us, but also our commitment to support with any future technical difficulties

About Us


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