Testing Husker Model FC2K-Y (USDA Approved model)

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Testing Husker Model FC2K-Y (USDA Approved model)

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The Yamamoto FC2K-Y Testing Husker is a very compact and efficient machine designed for use in QC laboratories. This husker has a very unique design that has one moving part. It has a shelling impeller instead of using traditional rubber rolls. This allows rice grains, with relatively high moisture content, to be shelled with high efficiency, regardless of the type of rice. This is almost impossible for a husker with rubber rolls. Our Yamamoto Model FC2K Husker is also used as husk-aspirator; instead of paddy rice, you can feed husks from your rice mill in this machine allowing you to know if any grain is included in husks. By knowing the percentage number of grain, you can adjust the aspirators of your rice mill huskers to be more efficient, which helps your bottom line.

1.Compact design
2.Easy operation
3.Good to know quality of brown rice
4.Good to know any grains included in husks of your rice mill
5.High husking efficiency even high moisture contents of paddy
6.Easy and quick husking even small amount of paddy
7.Automatic husk collecting system equipped with integrated cyclone Easy maintenance




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