Testing Whitener Model VP-32T

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Testing Whitener Model VP-32T

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The Yamamoto VP-32T Testing Whitener is a very compact and efficient machine designed for use in state of the art QC laboratories. Since Model VP-32T is a friction type vertical whitener, all rice inside the milling chamber can be discharged. This special feature allows you to obtain an accurate milling yield. Our Model VP-32T is the most popular testing whitener which helps finding heat damage and other types, used at universities, laboratories and many other public organization in Japan, and it is authorized by the Japan Grain Inspection Association.

1.Ready for operation due to built-in motor

2.Milling degree is easily adjusted by handle

3.Milling can be done from 200 grams of brown rice

4.Bran to be cleanly collected in the bran box




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