Tatami (straw mat) Moisture Tester Model HX-300

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Tatami (straw mat) Moisture Tester Model HX-300

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The HX-300 displays the moisture (%) by the simple insertion of a needle-shapedsensor into the surface matting, or tatami stuffing ("tatamidoko"). It is known that the moisture content of the stuffing and atmospheric temperature are big factors in the outbreak of tatami matt lice infestations. Further, high moisture content in the stuffing can also be the cause of fungi and decay. Recently, there has been an increasing move from rice straw tatami stuffing to different types of building materials. This moisture tester can measure the moisture content of tatami surfacing, rice straw stuffing and tatami board (wooden board flooring material), control of the moisture content of which is prescribed by both the Japan Industrial Standard in particular, as well as the Japan Agricultural Standard.



Measurement method

Electrical resistance method


Tatami surface matting, Rice straw stuffing, Tatami board
(wooden board flooring material)

Measurement range

Tatami surface matting : 8-20%, Rice straw stuffing 7-25%, Tatami board : 7-35%

Measurement precision

Standard error : Tatami surface matting 0.8%, Rice straw
stuffing 1.3%, Tatami board 1.3%

Display format

Digital (LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)

Allowable temp. range

0 - 40°C

Additional functions

Automatic temperature compensation, Average value display, Max value alarm setting (10 - 79%, or OFF), Auto Off (turns Power OFF automatically after approx. 5
min), Moisture value compensation (-9.9% - 9.9%)

Power source

6pcs. 1.5V Batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)

Dimensions & weight110 (W) x 210(D) x 50(H) mm, 0.5 kg / Shipment 4kg
Accessories2-Needle Sensor, 4pcs Spare Needles, Spacer For Sensor Needles, Wrench, Shoulder Strap, 6pcs 1.5V Batteries ("AA" Size Alkaline),etc.


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