Single Grain Rice Inspector Model RN-600

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Single Grain Rice Inspector Model RN-600

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The RN-600 rice inspector shines light on each individual grain of brown rice or Milled rice in a sample to determine the color of the grain based on transparency and reflection and employs a line image sensor to determine the grain's shape characteristics in order to separate the sample into 6 classes. the RN-600 has the capability of inspecting a sample of 1000 grains of brown rice in approximately 40 seconds. and in addition to displaying the percentages of even,cracked, immature, discolored and dead grain, this information can also be recorded using an optional printer.



Measurement method

Optical format (Color CCD, Iine image sensor)

Object of measurement

Brown rice (non-glutinous rice), Milled rice

Grain classifications

Even grain, cracked grain, immature grain,
Discolored grain, dead grain,damaged grain

Measurable quantity

Grain Quality Specification Mode : 1-2000 grains Entire
Sample Mode

Display format

Digital (dot-matrix LCD)

Display contentNumber of grains per class, sample composition percentage, measurement threshold value
Processing capabilityApproximately 1000 grains per 40 seconds (It deffers depending on the condition)
Operating environment5 ~ 35°C
Light SourceLED

Power source

AC100V ± 10%(50/60Hz)

Dimensions & Weight

404(W) x 486(D) x 384(H)mm, 15.0kg

Input/Output terminals

USB 1.1, Serial I/O Terminal (RS-232C),Parallel Output
Terminal (for optional printer, Centronics interface)

AccessoriesBlower Brush, Measuring Spoon, Silicon Cloth, Brush,Tweezers, Fuse, Power Code, Standard Plate (not Included With RN-600 Ver.1.0), Printer VZ-360 (incl. Cable VZC-47)
Options Data logger software NDL-01


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