Fresh Concrete, Mortar And Sand Moisture Tester Model HI-300 / HI-330

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Fresh Concrete, Mortar And Sand Moisture Tester Model HI-300 / HI-330

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The HI-300 and HI-330 are fresh concrete moisture testers. By loading fresh concrete (mortar) that has been wet screened on-site into the sample container and simply pressing the measure key, these testers can both easily measure the moisture content and moisture weight of the sample, and output control data to a printer. Further, in addition to measuring the moisture content of fresh concrete, the HI-330 is also capable of measuring the surface moisture of fine aggregate


SpecificationsHI-300 / HI-330

Measurement method

High frequency volumetric method


Mortar (wet screened fresh concrete). HI-330 is for mortar or fine aggregate 

Measurement range 

Mortar: 20-40% (volumetric ratio). Fine aggregate: ≥15% (surface moisture), Fresh concrete: 120-240 kg/m3 (unit quantity of water)

Measurement precision        (Standard deviation)

 Mortar: ± 0.3% (moisture), Fine aggregate: 0.14% (surface water), Fresh concrete 1.0 kg/m3 (unit quantity of water

Display format 

Digital (LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)

External output

RS-232C Interface

Power source 

AC100V (when using 6V AC adaptor), or 6x 1.5V Batteries ("C" size) 

Additional functions 

Unit water estimation, Water/cement ratio estimation, User scale logging, Composition Data logging, Average value, 126 data point memory, Auto Power OFF after 15 min. Varies between models 

Dimensions & weight 300(W) x 264(D) x 197(H) mm, 2.5kg
AccessoriesSample Case, Exchange Connectors, Dummy, AC Adaptor, Carrying Case. Variations Between Models 
Options Printer VZ-350 (incl. cable VZC-12), Wet screener TZ-610


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