Electromagnetic Coating Thickness Tester Model LE-373

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Electromagnetic Coating Thickness Tester Model LE-373

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The LE-373 is an electromagnetic coating thickness tester for measuring the thickness of coatings such as paint or plating (except electro nickel coating) on magnetic substrates.It can transmit data to a printer or computer, and includes 16 different functions such as application (calibration curve) memory, measurement data memory, upper and lower limit setting for coating thickness management, simple statistical processing, and data output.



Measurement method 

Electromagnetic Induction Method


Non-magnetic coating on ferrous metal

Measurement range

0-2500μm or 99.0mils

Measurement precision 

<50 μm ± 1 μm, ≥50 μm to <1000 μm ± 2%,≥1000 μm ± 3%


<100 μm, 0.1 μm; ≥100 μm, 1 μm
Data memory Approx. 39.000 points

Application memory 

100 types of calibrations curves


Single-point constant-pressure type probe (LEP-J)

Display method 

Digital (LCD with backlit, smallest displayed unit 0.1 μm)
External output PC(USB or RS-232C),printer(RS-232C)
Power supply 1.5V alkaline batteries ("AA" size x 4 )
Power consumption 80 mW (with backlit off)
Battery life 100 hours (continuous use with backlit off)
Operating ambient temp. 0-40˚C
Functions 16 types of internal functions
Dimensions & Weight 75(W) x 145(D) x 31(H) mm, 0.34 kg
Accessories Calibration Plate Set, Ferrous Metal Substrate, Carrying
Case, 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (“AA” Size x 4 ),Probe Adaptor
Options Calibration plates (thicknesses other than those available
as standard accessories), Measuring stand LW-990, Printer VZ-380, Printer cable (can be connected to a PC via commercially available USB converter), Data logger software “LDL-03”, Data management software “McWave Series” and “MultiProp”


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