Automatic Total Nitrogen & Phosphorus COD Analyzer NPW-160

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Automatic Total Nitrogen & Phosphorus COD Analyzer NPW-160

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This product is used for drainage monitoring in factories and business offices, and auto measurement of total nitrogen, total phosphorus and COD density in water quality control. ultraviolet spectrophotometry method is applied for COD
measurement. Get the coefficient by correlation with hand analysis, and input coefficient to show the value of COD.
Instrument standard: 1 fluid passage, 1 range type, 3 items measurement.

  • 120°C 30 minutes pyrolysis is adopted to achieve a sound integration with hand analysis value.

  • To test 3 items (TN, TP, COD (UV)) with a multi-wavelength detector.

  • Compact design with simple sample and reagent measuring unit

  • Integrative manifold tubing, simple structure

  • To reduce measured waste liquid to 15L/month by saving reagent

  • The heating resolver adopts an independent simple design

  • Pure water in built-in sink can test continuously for about 10 days.

  • Tubing in the back has been moved to operate from the front.
  • CF Card can store 1 year’s data.

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