NIR Moisture Meter Model KB-230

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KETT NIR Moisture Meter Model KB-230

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Measurement of samples with rough grains
The KB-230 measures by emitting near-infrared at the flat bottom plane, rotating the rotation table to obtain higher uniformity. In this method, variation in measurement is reduced.

Instant response
Just place the sample on the measurement window, close the light shielding cover, and then press the measurement button.

Two types of measuring mode
There is a normal measurement mode, in which the average of the measurements will be displayed; a continuous measurement mode, in which chronological change of the moisture can be checked.

Selectable sample cell and measuring method
Not only the accessory Petri dish, the sample cell can be selected from disposable polyethylene bag or sheet. Otherwise, the sample can be placed directly. For the samples that is impenetrable to near-infrared, the light shielding cover is not necessary. Therefore, the cover can be removed and the work efficiency will improve.

A function to make a calibration curve
If samples are prepared so that they cover the target moisture range equally, the calibration curve can be made just using this device.


Examples of possible applications
(* Making a calibration curve is necessary)

1. Measure Moisture in Food
Moisture content in cereal, coffee, tea, crackers, biscuits. animal food, citrus pulp, spent grain, chocolate, potato powder,  sugar, soya bean, corn meal, milk powder, cheese etc.

2. Measure Moisture in Paper Processing
Moisture content in paper, coating, remoisturizing, corrugating control, pressure sensitive, coatings, hot melts, wax coatings, plastic film thickness etc.

3. Measure Moisture in Wood Products
Moisture content of medium density, fibreboard (MDF) Oriented Strandboard (OSB) particle board, fiberboard, hardboard, flakeboard, wood shavings, raw material, bark etc.

4. Measure Moisture in Pharmaceutical Products
Moisture content of powder, pellets, tablets etc.

5. Measure Moisture in Chemicals and Minerals
Moisture content of detergents, soap powder, soap flakes, minerals, ceramics, crumb rubber, PVB sheet, laminated glass, PVC, cellulose, plastic chips, plastic powders, iron ore, cement, sand, fiber glass, chalk etc.



Specifications KB-230

Measurement method

Near-infrared reflection, light projected/received at the
bottom plane



Measurement diameter 


Measurement time

Normal measurement: 7 sec. (subject to the setting)Continuous
measurement: 0.5 sec. interval

Display refresh cycle 

0.3 seconds

Number of analytical curves


Light source 

Tungsten lamp (standard life: 20000 hours)


Organic EL
Input/Output USB (for PC I/O), RS-232C (for printer output)
Light source  Tungsten lamp
Operating humidity range 5 to 35°C (no condensation) / 30 to 80%RH
Power supply  100-240 V AC (50/60Hz), 40W
Dimensions & weight  220(W)x415(D)x220(H), 5.4Kg / Shipment 10Kg
Dimensions/Weight 415 (W) x 370 (D) x 226 (H) mm / 13 kg
Accessories Light shielding cover, Sample cell (Petri dish, ø90 mm), Zero-adjustment plate, Sample cell holder, Power cable, Fuse (spare), First Guide, Operating Manual


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