Infrared Moisture Analyzer Model FD-660

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Infrared Moisture Analyzer Model FD-660

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The development concept of infrared moisture analyzer FD-660 in total is “simple operability”. On this account the operation of this container is simple, and the indication becomes plain, too. However, the basic function is equipped enough.The heating department of FD-660 adopts the carbon heater which thermal efficiency is good. In addition, the carbon heater is eco-friendly because the harmful inorganic materials are not used.



Measurement method

Detection of weight loss by heating & drying

Sample mass

1 - 80g (optional weight sampling)

Measurement subject 

Moisture / Solid content / Weight

Measurement range 

0-100% (wet base, solids); 0-500% (dry base)

Repeatability          (Standard deviation)

Samples with a weight of 5g or higher : 0.1%


Moisture percentage 0.01% / 0.1%; Weight: 0.005g
(The indication of 0.01% is not a guarantee of accuracy.)

Measurement modes 

Automatic stop mode, Timer stop mode (1 - 120 min.)

Temperature setting range 

30 to 180˚C (in steps of 1˚C, temperature on dish)
Display Backlit LCD display (96 x 40mm)
External output RS-232C interface
Environmental conditions Temperature 5-40˚C, Humidity : 85%RH or less (no condensation)
Sample dish SUS (diameter 110 mm, depth 11 mm)
Heat source Organic carbon heater (280 W x 2)
Power source AC100~120V / 220~240V (50/60Hz), Max900W
Dimensions & weight 222(W)x360(D)x196(H), 3.2Kg / Shipment 8Kg
Accessories Sample Dish x2, Sample Dish Handler, Wind Shield, Sample Dish Tray, Spoon, Spare Fuse, Package of Aluminum Foil Sheets (10 Per Package), Power Cord (Power Plug Conversion Adapter)
Options Printer VZ-330 (incl. cable VZC-14), Printer paper (10 rolls),
package of Aluminum foil sheets (500 sheets), RS-232C cable VZC-52, Data Logger software FDL-02, Sample crusher TQ-100, Deodorizing windshield case FW-100


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