Fluoride Ion Monitor FBM-160

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Fluoride Ion Monitor FBM-160

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The Models FBM-100A and FBM-160 provide fast and continuous detection of free fluoride ion concentration in water. They are widely used for monitoring water treatment processes and effluent from wastewater plants. They are also used in the semiconductor industry to monitor washed-water from plants that use hydrogen fluoride.

The Model FBM-100A is suitable for panel mounting while the Model FBM-160 is designed for outdoor, field mounting. These instruments also feature an optional water jet cleaner for the ion electrode. The measurement method differs from the more complex distillation method. It has the advantage of being a much simpler method. However, this measurement method can be influenced by wide pH and temperature variations of the sample. 

  • Fast response time: for a sample containing 2mg/L fluoride ions, an alarm will be generated within 30 seconds at 90% response.
  • Low, middle and high ranges available as standard (0 - 20, 0 - 200, 0 - 2000 mg/L).
  • 4 alarm outputs available. These can be configured based on user’s requirements such as concentration alarms, instrument error, under cleaning, etc.. Concentration alarms are adjustable for delay time and band width.
  • Control outputs are available for external electrode cleaners such as water-jet cleaner. The voltage of this driving power source is equal to that of operating power.
  • Output for sample temperature measurement is available (Model FBM-160).
  • RS-232C output signal for measured concentration, sample temperature, concentration alarms etc. is available as an option.

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