Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester Model HI-520-2

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Concrete and Mortar Moisture Tester Model HI-520-2

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HI-520-2 is high frequency of the handy type that unified the main body and sensor parts-type moisture meter. It displays moisture value or high frequency capacity value corresponding to the quantity of water just to push a sensor part of HI-520-2 to an object lightly. In addition, it forwards measurement data to a PC from a USB terminal and can be busy in optional data logger software. HI-520-2 is used as an apparatus for moisture management widely in construction and the engineering works industries such as concrete building materials manufacturing industry, a waterproofing mechanic business, the painting business.



Measurement method

Electrical resistance



Standard method

 ISO 665

Measurement range

3 to 20% (dry base)

Measurement precision

Standard error 0.4% (moisture values of 10% or lower)


Digital (LCD)



Operating temp. range

0 to 40˚C

FunctionsMoisture value bias adjustment (–9.9 to +9.9%), average
value,Upper limit alarm, Automatic temperature compensation,
Auto Power off (automatically turns off after
approximately 5 minutes)
Power supply6pcs. 1.5 V batteries (AA alkaline)
Power consumptionapproximately 0.45 W
Dimensions110 mm (W) x 210 mm (D) x 50 mm (H)
Weight0.5 kg / Shipment 4kg
AccessoriesTwo Needle Proble, Wrench, Shoulder Strap, 6pcs 1.5 V
Battery (AA Alkaline), Carrying Case, Operating Manual
OptionsPrinter VZ-330 (incl. cable VZC-26)


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